Brick Builders (Lego Club) (8-15 yo)

Brick Builders Club (8-9, 10-12, 13-15 y.o. mini groups)

Friendship skills - Conversation Skills - Negotiating - Expressing opinions - Co-operating

Build social skills & team skills - while building with Lego.

For any child looking to develop new social skills

Imagine your child working with other children or teens to build amazing things while having to negotiate, listen, and work with others. Enjoying Lego together is the ultimate tool for helping children learn to express themselves, to communicate well with others and to develop their teamwork skills.

Teamwork & social skills - Using Lego in an online community of friendship and games.

How It Works

At each time slot, we will have about 3-4 students working together, with a couple of our leaders helping and guiding team-work negotiations. Each week we have a different project that we work on together as a team (e.g. create a beach scene or a playground or a factory etc). We do fun games like, “Who can build the tallest tower” or “Make the weirdest shape with only straight pieces” etc.

When do "Brick Builders" meet up?

FRIDAYS - After school - Start times:

NSW/VIC/TAS/QLD start times: 4.30pm

SA/NT start times: 4.00pm

WA start times: 2.30pm


After School Sessions

Don't miss out on school.

Sessions are at after-school times in the afternoons or evenings because we understand that your child needs routine.

No Waiting Lists!

You hate waiting lists and so do we!

We'll do everything we can so your child can start within 1-2 weeks.

Help Your Child Achieve Their Goals

We have different goals for each child and team. We set goals depending on your child's abilities, and for those on NDIS, we set goals that match NDIS objectives.

Grow Social Skills & Teamwork

  • Express your opinions.
  • Try out new conversational skills.
  • Listen to others’ ideas.
  • Take others' feedback on board.
  • Politely say 'no' to others' suggestions.
  • Give and receive compliments.
  • Learn to build rapport and make connections.
  • Learn self-esteem and self-talk strategies.
  • Plan together.
  • Build together.
  • Be a great team-player.

Ages 7-10 & ages 11-15

We have different session times, depending on your child's age group and interests :)

Location - Your lounge room, using Zoom

Thank goodness - No need to travel.

You don’t need to travel anywhere. It's easy to use Zoom from your lounge room.

Keep doing sessions as long as you like

This is not a set-weeks-time course. We take public holidays off but most of our kids will stay with us for a long, long time.

Which Funding Categories?

NDIS funding is generally available for self-managed and plan-managed NDIS plans.

Chat with your plan manager if you have questions about what is ideal for your situation.

It is helpful to know that other families have told us they usually use these categories (or similar):

a) Increased Social & Community Participation

b) Improved Daily Living

Pricing (NDIS-Friendly)


Pricing Structured for NDIS as 1.1 hours.

[1.0 hour of face-to-face ($61.50) + 0.1 hour ($6.15) non-face-to-face, total $67.65]

NDIS Reports Provided

Parents often ask, “Can I please have a report for our NDIS plan review?”

Rest assured, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" 

We'll arrange that for you.

No hidden fees - All reporting like this is already built into the standard program fee, so you will not be given an extra fee beyond the usual cost of the program. 

Social Safety - Learn while feeling well-liked and well-known

This is safer than almost anywhere else your child could play with others. That's because your child will work with two of our staff members who will make sure that everyone is using friendly voices and doing friendly things. Also we have clear guidelines and rules for our kids about how we speak to others, treat each other's work and protect what each other's sense of fun and pride in what we've each built.

What parents are saying

You are passionate about supporting, encouraging and growing the kids you’re working with. I’m so glad we’ve found you!

Sally J.

Mum of 9 year old daughter, near Melbourne.

Oh my goodness! Blake absolutely loved last night. Thank you so much! It made him feel very special and comfortable.


Mum of 10 year old child.

Here’s How We Play

  • We express our own opinions using kind words.
  • We listen when others have a different opinion.
  • We will always listen to our leaders who are here to help us.
  • We will try to not get cranky at people even if they have different ideas to us.
  • We compromise - Sometimes other people want us to build things differently to how we want to build things, and we will be okay with changing our minds.
  • If our leader tells us to go and get a drink of water, we will do that straight away because that is our chance to calm down.
  • We keep our camera on (in Zoom) so our leaders/teammates can see our faces to know if we are feeling okay.
  • We always use calm, kind and polite words and we have friendly faces.

Helping Autistic Young People Learn New Skills

We use a range of Autism-friendly strategies to make it straight-forward for Autistic people to develop their social skills, conversational skills and teamwork skills. Here’s how we help young people grow their skills in an Autism-friendly way:

  • Make routines, rules and social norms clear and specific so that learners don’t have to guess what is expected.
  • Create ways for learners to use their new skills within the group or at home with a parent/supporter.
  • Explain the reasons why these steps work and why each social skill is worth learning and using.
  • Remember that life if supposed to be ‘fun’ - so we don’t take ourselves (or our mistakes) too seriously.
  • Where does it happen?

    Your lounge room, using zoom - No need to travel.

  • How many sessions should I do?

    As many as you like. This is not a set-weeks-time course. We take public holidays off but most of our kids will stay with us for a long, long time.

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Minecraft Teamwork Group

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Art Friendship Group

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Kids and teens create fun art activities together, with our leaders helping and guiding your child through social skills to make new friends. It’s relaxed, supportive and very social. Each week we have a different art project that we work on together as a team (e.g. a drawing, painting, graphic design etc).

Friendship Hero - Playground Skills

8-17 yr

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“Worth It” - Friendship Skills

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Your young person will love learning new social skills, building on the skills she gained in SAS & Peers (Evidence-based social skills courses).  In a fun, safe space your young person learns how to navigate healthy relationships and develop social resilience. They can learn to ‘read the room’, evaluating social settings to drop their social ‘mask’ and shine as themselves.

Adventure Team - Role Playing Game

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Parent Encouragement Groups

Parents only

Parents who love hanging out and exchanging ideas - What’s working in your family right now, and what is tricky? Let’s learn together. Parent support, ideas & encouragement night are so much fun.

Want to know more?

Is this course right for your child? Get in touch with the team to arrange for your child to get started. It’s a way to start learning about new social skills, making better friendships and enjoying their school experience more.

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