Social Skills Help for Autism

Using fun to build friendship and emotional regulation skills


After School Sessions

Don't miss out on school.

We've set things up so that your child doesn't have to miss out on school and you don't have to deal with midday appointments. Instead, all sessions are at after-school times in the afternoons or evenings because your child needs routine.

No Waiting Lists!

You hate waiting lists and so do we!

Your child needs to learn asap. We have many, many groups and we would rather add more groups than have a waiting list. Every week your child is not learning new skills is a wasted week. We'll do everything we can so your child can start in our next course.

How can my child get help?

Helping Young People With Autism, Anxiety or Needing Social Growth

NDIS & Funding

NDIS funding can be generally be used if your family are on self-managed or plan-managed NDIS plans. We can save your time and guide you to help if you need it.

Enjoy Friendships & Social Adventures

  • Build Social Skills: “I know how to ‘be’ around others.”
  • Friendship Skills: “I can make friends and keep them.”
  • Emotional Regulation: ‘I can choose to be calm and brave”

Programs Loved By Kids & Teens

Start point - juniors

Secret Agent Society®

8-12 yr

Secret Agent Society® (SAS) is a fun, evidence-based learning experience, helping your child grow their social skills and emotional regulation skills. The engaging spy-game curriculum helps your child learn to make new friends and keep those friends. Kids can choose to feel happier, calmer and braver. Recommended by Psychologists, OTs and Speech Therapists.

Start point - seniors

Peers® Social Skills (Teens/Young Adults)

12-17 yr

Peers is an friendly, evidence-based learning experience for teens and young people. Together with a caring “mini-group” of new friends and leaders, your young person learns skills and confidence for social interactions - learning new ways to make friends, keep friends, and thrive in life. Recommended by Psychologists, OTs and Speech Therapists.

Minecraft Teamwork Group

7-15 yr

Each week, your child will enjoy creating and co-operating with other kids. Your child will be guided through teamwork skills, negotiation skills and friendship skills. Each week we build a different Minecraft building project together. Will we build a beach scene, a spaceship, or a theme-park?

Art Friendship Group

7-17 yr

Kids and teens create fun art activities together, with our leaders helping and guiding your child through social skills to make new friends. It’s relaxed, supportive and very social. Each week we have a different art project that we work on together as a team (e.g. a drawing, painting, graphic design etc).

Friendship Hero (Boys) Playground Skills

8-16 yr

Your young man builds on skills he’s learnt from SAS & Peers (Evidence-based social skills courses), targeted for the daily challenges that growing boys face. Your child learns to be more confident, contribute more to interactions with others and how to keep friends. It’s a fun experience, with a focus on playground-style social skills.

Adventure Team - Role Playing Game

11-25 yr

Social Role Playing - A fun interactive Zoom board-game-like Social Skills learning experience on Zoom. Each session, we learn new social skills and then we apply those social skills as a Pirate, a Space Pilot or a Farmer.

“Worth It” (Girls) Friendship Skills

8-17 yr

Your daughter will love learning new social skills, building on the skills she gained in SAS & Peers (Evidence-based social skills courses).  In a fun, safe space your daughter learns how to navigate healthy relationships and develop social resilience. She can learn to ‘read the room’, evaluating social settings to drop her social ‘mask’ and shine as herself.


Parent Encouragement Groups

Parents only

Parents who love hanging out and exchanging ideas - What’s working in your family right now, and what is tricky? Let’s learn together. Parent support, ideas & encouragement night are so much fun.

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What parents are saying

You are passionate about supporting, encouraging and growing the kids you’re working with. I’m so glad we’ve found you!

Sally J.

Mum of 9 year old daughter, near Melbourne.

Thank you for all your care and support with our son. We are so impressed and grateful for this program. Not to mention the skills he is using daily from it!


Delighted Mum of primary school son in Sydney.

Oh my goodness! Blake absolutely loved last night. Thank you so much! It made him feel very special and comfortable.


Mom of 10 year old child.

Social Skills & Confidence For Your Child

We train your child or teen with step-by-step strategies to develop:

  • Social skills
  • Social awareness
  • Self-monitoring strategies

Improving your autistic child’s skills allows your child to grow their confidence and success in friendships and social situations.

They will also learn how to:

Interpret what others are thinking by reading their words, voice and facial expressions.

Improve skills with friendships, team work & conversations.

Evidence-Based Programs For Autism & More

  • We believe parents deserve evidence-based programs for their children with Autism.
  • Our programs are proven, road-tested and based on quality research and evidence.
  • Your child deserves to have the very best programs to learn new skills in effective ways.
See The Evidence-base for Secret Agent Society See The Evidence-base for "Peers" course

Supporting Your Child's Journey - For A Few Months, or Many Years

supporting your child's journey

Help for children, teens & adults with Autism in Australia

It can be tough to find help in Australia for your child, teen, young adult with Autism. The demand for support here is so much greater than what is available. ASD is something to get help for sooner than later. Long wait-times mean that your child’s peers move ahead socially, but your child can be left using the same skills that are not currently working for them. We do all we can to keep waiting times and waiting lists short for your child, because we know that the sooner your child starts learning new strategies, the sooner they can experience better social success.

Help your child make new friends

"Every child wants to have friends and have people who want to hang out with them. No child wants to be alone. What a great course."

- Wendy, Mum of a lovely teenage daughter.

Learn strategies to deal with frustrated or anxious feelings in social situations.

Strategies to help read social cues - things like eye contact, tone in others' voices and body language.

Improving self-talk strategies that enable your child to think realistically and optimistically.

Peace-Of-Mind Promise: What if my child needs to pull out?

Your child can:

  • Stop doing their course if they need to.
  • Switch to a different course if you need to.
  • Do ‘catch-up’ sessions for missed sessions.

You won't be billed for an entire course if your child needs to pull out.

Almost every time, our kids/teens find their groove and enjoy their sessions.

If your child needs tweaks, we can switch your child to a different mini-group, modify session times, or even pair them with a different leader.

We understand that sometimes life seriously happens… A death in the family, sudden health issues, parents going through a hard time etc etc. 

But rest assured, if it doesn't work out (and it will), you're only billed for the part of the course that your family participated in.

Strategies to help your child build friendships

When children don’t know how to maintain friendships or how to build relationships with their peers, it can really hurt their self-confidence and self-esteem. No parent wants to see their child lonely on the school playground. We teach skills and strategies that can help your child know how to interact well with their peers so that over time they can begin to build and maintain friendships.

ASD training

Your child can learn to make friends. Don’t give up!

Your child with Autism may have difficulty reading social cues and find it tricky to interact with others.

It’s also possible that other children feel slightly awkward when interacting with your child due to their unique ways of interacting with others.

That’s where deliberate, well-planned training of specific social skills can make a huge difference for your child with Autism. The great news is that these skills can be taught to children.


“I am so amazed at how wonderful you all [Leaders] are and how great you are at communication.

Everyone I talk to is so lovely and as parents we just can’t thank you all enough.”

Meg - Mum of an amazing son

“Can you believe it. This is so much fun. Mum enrolled me in this program without telling me and she pays me to come and now I’m having so much fun."

- One of our teens in PEERS Social Skills program

See more reviews

Find out more ways we help boys & girls with Autism.

Let’s get your child started on a journey towards learning new social skills, making better friendships and enjoying their school experience more.

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