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Interactive + Fun Learning For ASD Families

These courses are deliberately fun and interactive so that your child with Autism/ASD or anxiety can thrive. The training sometimes requires a significant chunk of time and energy for both children and parents. Over weeks and months, new skills lead to new habits and that can be life-changing. 

Premium Course: Secret Agent Training Solving the Mystery of Social Encounters®

Child Training

11 Sessions 

90 minutes per session

(Either Face-to-face, or on Zoom)

Children love it!

Parent Training

4 Sessions 

120 minutes per session

(Either Face-to-face, or on Zoom)

Parents love it!

Minecraft Teamwork Academy

For children 8-15 years old

with Autism

Grow Social Skills & Teamwork

Express your opinions.

Listen to others’ ideas.

Plan together.

Build together.

Be a great team-player.

Sessions: Wednesday afternoons OR Saturday mornings.

PEERS Skills Course for Teens

For teens 13-17 year old

with Autism

How to chat more easily & freely  with other teens:

This world-famous evidence-based course gives step-by-step strategies teens can use to:

  • Begin, maintain and end conversations
  • Recognise social cues (e.g. eye contact, tone of voice etc)
  • Improve relationships with their peers

Key skills are explicitly taught and practised:

  • Begin a conversation by asking about their friend’s interests
  • Respond to a friend with appropriate comments, follow-up questions, and follow-up comments
  • Track the movement of a conversation topic and avoid getting stuck on his or her own special interest topic
  • Appropriately change a topic during a conversation without dropping it in like a bomb
  • Signal interest with eye contact and body orientation and also interpret a friend’s face or body messages
  • Begin and end a conversation smoothly


  • 14 x 90 minutes Student Sessions
  • Regular Parent Training Sessions

Parent Training: How to Advocate For Your Child At School

For Parents

 of children with social challenges or learning difficulties including Autism (ASD), anxiety and more

Know how to get the most from your child's school:

Every parent wants their child’s school experience to be positive and happy. Schools are filled with fantastic people who often do their absolute best within a very limited, under-resourced system. Yet, no school could ever understand your child, accommodate their needs, or love them quite like you do.

So, how do we navigate the uncharted waters of working with our child’s school? By taking a sensible, measured approach. We will explore proactive ways to help your child get what they need from their school, without coming across as an overbearing, helicopter parent.

Key skills are explicitly taught and practised, including how to:

  • Your child’s school understands how best to help your child
  • Communication between school and home can be regular, effective and pleasant.
  • Parents know strategies for working with teachers when things are not quite on track.
  • Parents can help determine which issues need to be addressed versus what can be allowed to pass without intervening.
  • Know your options - Proactive steps to take when you feel that school is not meeting your child’s needs.


  • 90 minute Parent Training Session (on Zoom)

Get Set For High School

For Year 5 and Year 6 students

with high functioning Autism (ASD), Anxiety or learning difficulties

Start to bravely look forward to a new adventure:

Going to high school can be a big change, and it can feel scary to tackle this new adventure. This course can help alleviate some of the fears around going to high school by:

  • Helping students realistically anticipate that new adventures are ahead of them.
  • Teaching them how to set up routines that work.
  • Setting achievable expectations for the new environment of high school.
  • Plan ahead for what to look for in new friends.


  • 60 minute session on Zoom

Which Course Is Right For Your Family?

Well, that depends on your child’s needs. Get in touch with the team to arrange for your child to get some high-quality help.

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